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Need charity for school fees payment

Hi I have five childrens studying in new Indian model school, Dubai. And I don't have proper income and I really need money.

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Orphans Sponsorship

Dar Al Ber is Considered one of the first charities in the UAE. It was established in Dubai in 1399 Hijri, 1979 AD as per the ministerial decree No. (23/78) issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs as a charity, cultural & social firm. Dar Al Ber Board of Directors has been formed according to t...

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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم sold my SWEET HOME and Gold of my wife. Damage ... lost 70,000 DHS. 2 Three years of unemployment. 3 Away from FAMILY. 4 Living hand to mouth.5 Becomes Homless .. Kafael forbid that I am local You can not do anything. Case ... Exit Partnership Decision.... Rejected Appeal........

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